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Alita fresh goat milk since 2007

Closer to nature

Alita Corporation Sdn Bhd is a Taiwanese company, the introduction of Taiwan’s agricultural technology to raise high-quality sheep, the production of sheep’s milk almost non exist on mutton smell. Alita’s principles is to produce high quality of fresh goat milk, nutritional value is higher than goat milk which produce via goat milk powder.

Alita’s shepherds.

More safer, More hygiene

The order will reach you within 48 hours

We will always let you experience the freshest


We provide online booking of fresh goat milk, cash on delivery. We provides customer care free delivery services. Due to the limited supply of raw fresh milk, the current availability is only restricted at Johor and Klang Valley.


Freshest ever, the experience which free from mutton smell is unbelievable. Indeed, the order will reach you within 48 hours.


First and foremost, we guarantee the freshest. Our manufacturing is in accordance with the order of the day, we do not practice extra production of goat milk for next day purchases.