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The value of Alita goat

For Alita goat milk, the size of the goat’s protein and protein amounts only 1/3 of cow’s milk, and uniform particle size, it is more easily digested by absorbed. The content of goat immunoglobulin milk is high, the role of immunoglobulin in the human body is that antibiotics cannot be replaced. Often the common cold, infectious flu, pneumonia and other diseases caused by the virus, antibiotics are not only effective in killing the virus, but will bring many side effects of human immune globulin effectively in the eradication of the virus and protect the body from harm.

In addition, Alita goat’s milk is rich in natural nucleotides more than 3 times the milk. Medical research finds that nucleotides enhance body immunity, help combat environmental encroachment and play an important role in self-protection. Nucleotides can also change the distribution of intestinal flora, increase the growth of lactic acid bacteria, growth and maturity of intestinal villi also help reduce diarrhea problems, more to promote nutrient intestinal absorption more effectively.

Meanwhile, Alita’s goat milk, the epidermal growth factor (EGF) is another important ingredient in milk containing, EGF can promote cell growth in baby’s mouth tender, respiratory and intestinal tract, it will form a complete protective layer. Goat milk also contains natural polygamy, it is related to intestinal permeability, can prevent food allergies, reducing body sensitivity.

Why Alita goat milk does not have mutton smell?
Alita goat milk, also known as goat’s milk that has no mutton smell, the technique to produce goat’s milk that does not mutton smell is from the diet. Alita has been through the experience of using Australian imported grass, fresh grass from Taiwan, and a variety of high-protein probiotic fiber foods, so that the goat grows healthy, the average milk produced is higher.

Provide more balanced and more nutritious feed for sheep

Australia imported forage, Taiwan introduced fresh grass, high-protein fiber feed and a variety of probiotics

Four o’clock in the morning to feed fresh grass herd, when the sheep’s house is very busy

Sheep has a daily routine milking process, fed automatically queue into the milking cell, which is the most enjoyable moment of the sheep


Boiling water washing bottling machinery

Finished products into the cooling room rapidly cooled to 4-5 ℃

In accordance with the pre-order production and deliver same day to customers, to ensure freshness

Over the years, Alita insisted on delivering the freshest goat milk, because only the freshest goat milk has better nutritional value

Goat milk Vs cow’s milk
proteins on goat milk is higher, in which casein content is 75%, 1-3% α-S1 casein protein content, β-lactoglobulin content is lower than cow’s milk. protein content of milk by 2.7% -3.7%, where 85% casein content, 43% of α-S1 casein content of protein, lactoglobulin content β- is double compare to cow’s milk.

Vitamins and folic acid
Fresh goat milk is less folic acid, contains vitamin C 1.29mg / 100g. goat milk is nearest to breast milk. Higher folic acid than cows, vitamin C content of 0.94mg / 100g, are much lower than mother’s milk.

Goat milk’s particles cells are smaller, one-third smaller than cow’s milk, those are the same size as human fat globular cells. Goat milk is rich in medium chain fatty acids, better for human body absorption effect. The fat of cow milk globular cells are larger, the higher the fatty acid content.

The percentage of calcium for goat milk is more by 0.85%, phosphorus more than 20% of cow’s milk, and no contradiction between calcium and iron, calcium and iron absorption levels are high in milk mineral content of 0.72%, 45% of minerals is calcium. the ratio of phosphorus and the amount of iron between cow’s milk and goat’s milk is the same, but the reactions of iron and calcium milk cow affect the absorption of ferrous iron.

Goat milk alkaline. cow milk is acidic.

Epithelial growth factor
Goat milk contains the same epithelial factor as human milk, Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), which helps the epithelial cells grow and improve. Cow milk is without any factor of epithelium growth.

On the market there are now a lot of goat’s milk that its authenticity is suspicious, such as the production of goat’s milk from goat’s milk powder, and the use of preservatives to extend the freshness of goat’s milk. However, Alita complies with the requirements of fresh goat milk production, therefore, customers can enjoy 100% fresh goat milk. Place your goat milk from Alita so you can get fresh goat milk, enjoying the real goodness of goat’s milk.

Fresh daily served from farm to customers, our customers deserved fresh goat milk, beware of fake goat milk.

Order Note:
When place order, you just have to key in the phone / name / address, without payment, Alita provide “cash on delivery service. After place order, the goat milk will be delivering to you the next day. Due to insufficient milk production, our service now covering Selangor, Johor and Melaka, we will make announcement when other state is available.

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